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Reason why Canadian Pharmacies Have Lower Prices than American Pharmacies

Most countries around the world charge different prices for prescription drugs. If you do your research well you will realize that for specific countries, the price of drugs is almost the same. It is Canada and America that have very huge differences in the prices of drugs. In America the price of prescription drugs is significantly higher than that of Canada. This has caused so many people in the US to prefer Canadian pharmacies. Also some Americans have been known to sneak in prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

It is therefore very important to know the reasons why Canadian pharmacies have lower prices. Luckily, this article is going to expound more as to why the Canadian pharmacies have always had prices that are low. To start with, in America there is no regulatory body that is in charge of regulating drug prices in the industry. This means that American drug manufacturers charge any prices that they see fit for the drugs that they make.

In the event, there was an organization that regulates prices they would have stepped in to stop them. This is a very core reason for all of this. Also the American pharmacies are the ones that have a say in the amount of money that patients pay out of pocket. A dire situation that has arisen from this is that only very few people can adhere to the doctor’s prescription. This leaves many people sick. Only the drug prices in Canadian pharmacies are regulated. This makes drug prices in Canadian pharmacies very affordable.

Also, the regulatory body in Canada makes sure prices are never too high. There are many online Canadian pharmacies. The popularity of online pharmacies is very significant in Canada. The good thing about them is that they also abide by the price regulations that have been set. According to studies done by, buying drugs from online Canadian pharmacies is cheaper. You will however need to ensure that you buy from a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy. You must look at the license that the pharmacies have if you want to know their legal status. The US has laws that have been made just to prevent any interference in drug pricing by Medicare.