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What Should You Choose Registered or Certified Mail

A sizeable number of population 25% is believed to be using postal services as their official communication, this is happening where over 60% of the world population has access to internet implying they can utilize other effective and efficient methods of receiving their documents other than hard copy mails and documents. Postal services continue to operate because there are some documents such as legal notice, original contract and other documents that we have been normalized they must be in hard copy to be official, receiving such documents in a soft copy questions the authenticity of the information therein even though sending legal notices and contracts via emails is verifiable people and many businesses will still need a hard copy of the document. There are two main types of mail services you are likely to be presented with when you are sending your documents using postal services, certified mail, or registered mail, each mail service vary from one another in terms of security features, speed of delivery, cost of service among other things, therefore, having good knowledge on each type is important in selecting the service that fits you. The article has collected some information related to differences between registered and certified mails that may help determine the right postal service you will utilize to send your documents.

The advantage of using certified mail is that you will get a notification informing you that your delivery has been made and at what time it was made, this information is vital because it can be used as proof you sent your documents and at a particular date as indicated in the notification. In case the documents or goods you are sending are highly sensitive you can select registered mail, this service provides an extra layer of security to your package by tracking your delivery at every location, this service is a bit costly because of the tracking service provided and you are normally charged based on the weight of the package.

It is important to recognize that when sending your mail using certified mail the package is sent together with other regular mails, this implies that your package will be sent together with other mails destined to the same location you are making the delivery. When you are using registered mail service your package is sent separately from others mainly because of the sensitivity of the documents that you have indicated when you are sending the package, and the need to improve efficiency and security of the service which registered mail is recognized for. That is a small summary of registered and certified mail, generally certified mail is preferred for general packages that are not sensitive to security.

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