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Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal through Electrolysis

Hair is a standout amongst the most prized belonging of people, particularly in females. It is a benefit that adds to an individual’s marvel whether in men or ladies. However, hair is a basic piece of our body, yet undesirable hair can turn into an annoyance in a man’s life in the event that it develops on parts, for example, jaw, upper lips, back, and so forth. More than an issue, undesirable development can be embarrassing.It for the most part happens because of components, as hormonal lopsidedness, heredity, age, certain pharmaceuticals, and so on.

There are various techniques that can be connected to dispense with it, such as shaving, waxing, culling, yet these don’t bring about lasting hair expulsion. Along these lines, you can select a strategy called “Electrolysis” to stop the it develop for all time from your body.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a procedure that is used to remove hairs permanently from the face or body of a person. The procedure is carried out by applying current into each hair follicle separately through a needle-shaped electrode, thereby leading to the destruction of the hair follicle permanently. Electrolysis is done on each hair of the body part and stops the growth of the hair consequently.

The process of electrolysis can be applied to most of the body parts, including face, eyebrows, legs, abdomen, breasts, etc.

Due to the variability in the growth, multiple electrolysis sittings (sessions) are required for a patient to undergo as it makes the hair reach the proper growth period, thereby leading to the best and most effective results of the procedure. But, still it does not guarantees 100% permanent hair removal for every person.

Usually, there are no permanent side-effects of the procedure, but sometimes the skin may appear slightly reddish after undergoing it.

Uses/Benefits of Electrolysis

Unlike other hair removal methods, electrolysis has several benefits in the long run. Therefore, it is better to choose electrolysis over other types of hair removal procedures. Some of the advantages of electrolysis are:

Popular and Effective. Electrolysis is clinically proven to be safe and effective method to eliminate growth permanently. It is the only cosmetic treatment that is approved by FDA for permanent hair removal. This is the reason it is gaining more and more popularity these days and rapidly growing into a profession of electrologists. Also, it has it has become a topic of research for doctors due to its reliability.Suits all types of hair and skin. This is one of the most important benefits of an electrolysis procedure. Electrolysis is suitable for all types of hair and skin, whether the hair is thin, thick or coarse, dark, grey or blonde or if the skin is harsh, it responds in a similar way to this process. So, to describe it in a word, we can say it is versatile.

Targets the hair follicle. Unlike the laser hair removal system, where the hair pigment is targeted, electrolysis targets the follicle of the hair that gives better results.

Electrolysis mostly results into permanent hair removal; there are very fewer chances of growth on that area again. Therefore, it has become prevalent due to its permanent effects.

There aren’t any permanent side-effects. After undergoing of electrolysis, the patient may develop a slightly reddish skin which would disappear after some time. But, these after-effects are not permanent at all.

Electrolysis is ideal for face – upper lip, cheek, forehead, chin, etc.

Electrolysis is pain-free. Saline and water used in the process of electrolysis doesn’t harm the skin, unlike other treatments, like hair removing creams, etc. Also, there is no pain or burning sensation during the procedure.

There are plenty of professional salons and spas providing Electrolysis, choose the one which offers a great service with guaranteed results.